Cautious Thinking Demo

by Family Outing

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First time attempting vocals, and the quality is that of my standard laptop, so sorry about that :/

(Headphones recommended)


released August 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Family Outing Connecticut


just gonna keep uploading

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Track Name: If Forever Meant Anything
You tell me there's purpose
that reason exists
well help me to understand
how to make sense of any of this
everyone's leaving, this shits all the same
while you're moving on, ill sit here, my head hung in shame
burry my face in sand before one last goodbye
we're all heartless fuckups, all we know is pain
all i can see is empty drawers and broken light fixtures
where did it all go, where did they all go
convince me our hearts aren't empty
for what i lack, is a purposeful meaning
convince us our hearts aren't empty
or join me in sand

just bury your heads in sand
Track Name: This ship has sunk (Gin & Tonic)
Fall to your knees asking why the fuck did this happen
and then take a look at what you've done to who you've loved
and it'll come clear like a shot in the chest
drowning quickly you've done this before

take a look at all of these faces, these friends, and these
shadowed, silhouettes

Break apart this everlasting chain of failures and broken conquests
remind me of what it felt like to be whole
to have a shadow
to wake up
to see a sun
to watch a sun set
to hold a hand
to have my hand held
to love
to hate
to care
to forget
to break apart at the seems is my forever
it is my nightmare, your daydream
so forget me now, so that i may remember all that we were
so that i may let you move on
whilst i sit in shadows, counting streams of light pass you by

Cut these tattered limbs of lies from this oak tree
burn them until embers flood the forests
until creatures of the night flock to these ever burning flames
mesmerized by their brilliance in simplicity
disease ridden, they too will burn, for all i touch turns to waste,
with beauty, comes pain, that which will only grow

I am a remnant of past, fueled by regret, sunken to a core forged of wasted youth
force feed me shit abandon all hope
this ships has sunk